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        To make our stance + values extremely clear

        We will absolutely not tolerate racism, homophobia, sexism, or discrimination of any kind. We are an inclusive wedding vendor and it brings us joy to capture weddings for all of our couples, no matter their religious beliefs, size, sexuality, or skin color. We strive to be actively anti-racist and are dedicated to the Black Lives Matter movement. As part of the LGBT+ community and being in an interracial relationship we understand that representation matters. We will always do our best to ensure that our prospective clients feel represented when looking at our body of work. We are definitely not PERFECT, but we are committed to educating ourselves to better bring about positive change in the wedding industry as a whole.


        Oh hi, I’m never one to enjoy making things all about me but I guess you probably want to know who the hell you’re internet stalking right now. On first glance I’m essentially just your standard issue basic iced-coffee drinking sushi loving bookworm.

        Here’s some general info about me:

        • Born and raised in Clearwater, FL (icky humidity, give me seasons pls)
        • Pretty tall, I’ll get all those good angles, trust me
        • Back to iced coffee… yes I will order an iced coffee and carry it through 17 degree weather
        • Love to book random trips with absolutely zero notice or planning involved until the last minute
        • Addicted to reading. Seriously. I read 50+ books a year and my guilty pleasure is a good psychological thriller. Ask me for book recommendations!
        • Absolutely obsessed with my dog and other dachshunds

        check out some of my work

        NYC Queer Wedding Photographer


        Hey, I’m Emilio. I’m the other half of Natura Collective and I’m not at mad about the spontaneous trips Christian plans. This is a common thing for us. I love exploring new corners of the world. If by somehow (miraculously) we aren’t busy shooting a wedding or binge editing you might find me:


        • Falling down the YouTube/TikTok rabbit hole
        • Supporting local businesses and artists – whether it be a drag performance or small plant shop
        • Attempting to be a food network star in our cute little kitchen – current obsession: pies + pastries
        • Taking our mini-dachshund to the park (stay tuned for Doink’s latest glamour shoot)
        • Making clay vases, dishes, and anything cute to paint and display in our apartment

        check out some of my work



        When did you get into photography?

        Are you guys ... together together?!

        Favorite part about the job?

        Favorite places you've traveled?

        Are there other members of your team?

        Christian: I shot my first wedding while I was still in high school in 2010!! I don't ever want to stop capturing memories. I'm almost up to 400 weddings captured ----------

        Emilio: Christian dragged me into this right after we met (willingly) and there was no turning back. I picked up a camera and started shooting weddings alongside him and I wouldn't change it for anything. I've photographed over 250 weddings!