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        Williamsburg Wedding at Grand Ferry Park and Aurora Brooklyn - Natura Collective, New York City Wedding Photographer



        OH HIIIIIII, your google search has taken you to our cute little corner of the internet! You found us 🙂 We’re so happy too. Please for the love of all that is good just stop searching now because we know you’ve probably been scouring all corners of the web. Not to poop on anyone else’s parade, but we’re kind of a big deal I’d say. From start to finish with our wedding process, we make the experience stress free and centered around you.


        It’s your day, we’re just the lucky third and fourth wheelers who get to snap photos of your sexy selves. If you can’t tell from our writing style on this blog page, we’re pretty damn laid back. That’s part of the experience – we treat you like REAL FREAKING HUMANS and not transactions, statistics, or robots. We really do turn awkward human noodles into absolute models and we make all of your photo dreams come true.





        Why are we the sh*t?

        • We capture the big moments, little moments, moments in between, and moments you didn’t even know happened
        • We’re kind of pretty funny and easy to get along with – we promise. This helps you feel relaxed and makes you not feel awkward in front of the camera
        • As wedding photographers in brooklyn, and actually living in Brooklyn we know our way around. We’re experienced with actually being on time no matter how crazy the NYC traffic or trains can be.
        • We travel and offer destination wedding packages too!
        • We’re genuinely excited about our work. Each wedding is a new opportunity to absolutely KICK ASS and make our clients proud
        • You’d be supporting a local LGBT owned business, we’re proud Brooklyn LGBT Wedding Photographers
        • This bulleted list could go on for a long time, but just cut to the chase and contact us so you can find out for yourselves why we should be your wedding photographers.


        Don’t just take our word for it!

        Feel free to check out any one of our 5 star reviews. It doesn’t matter where you look, every single one of them is five stars 🙂 Each and every one of our clients is valued.

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