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        TESSA + ECTOR

        NYC Spring Central Park Engagement Session

        Photographed by Christian and Emilio for Natura Collective // Wedding Photographers in NYC


        Spring is definitely here and just walking around New York City you can tell quite easily everyone else noticed that too. The streets are busy, the weather is legitimately PERFECT, and being outside is the best thing ever. Tessa and Ector took almost no convincing via instagram DMs that we needed to shoot at central park. Within the first week of the blooms our spring Central Park engagement session was already planned! If you’re on the fence about whether or not a spring session is worth it – just stop questioning and scroll through these stunning photos.


        I am obsessed with spring central park engagement sessions even more-so after Ector and Tessa’s session. This was the first time we were able to witness the extent of the flowers blooming in the park. It’s safe to say we will be visiting a few dozen times over the next weeks while the blooms are in full swing for Spring. We started on the South end of Central Park near the Gapstow Bridge and worked our way North.


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        How did Tessa and Ector like the session you might ask? Well we can definitely confirm they are just as obsessed as we are. Some of our messages back and forth consisted of things like “literally best session anyone’s done for us I can’t stop looking omg” and “the editing is PERFECT. The pictures are perfectttt.” If you want to lock in a date for your gorgeous spring central park engagement session you better hurry! The blooms usually only last for a month or so and include gorgeous flowers in so many vibrant colors. Head over to our contact page to get more info from us about an engagement session!