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        PRU + DERRICK

        Central Park Engagement Photos

        Photographed by Christian for Natura Collective // Wedding Photographers in NYC


        It’s really never too late to schedule your engagement session. Especially if you want to take Central Park Engagement Photos, getting to and getting around Central Park is super easy for us and we’re excited each time we get to take a stroll at the park. Pru and Derrick’s wedding is exactly a week from the date we are posting this so you can see it really never is too late!


        Loved this session!? We hope 🙂 Check out another engagement session here: Courtney + Bennet | Central Park Engagement Session


        Pru and Derrick brought two outfits like we usually recommend – some variety in your photos is always a good thing. We also started our session at sunrise which is 100% worth it no matter how early. We recommend starting any session at Central Park as early as possible to avoid the crowds that can be common in popular spots like the Bow Bridge and Bethesda Terrace.

        When planning Central Park Engagement photos it’s definitely good to hire a photographer who is familiar with the area – *cough US cough* – the more secret little spots the better! We always show our clients a variety of central park engagement photos that we have already taken so they know what spots to skip and what to go to. That saves us so much time since the park is HUGE!


        Some of our absolute favorite spots in the park are: Gapstow Bridge, Naumburg Bandshell, Bethesda Terrace, Bow Bridge, “The Mall”, and “The Pond.” All of those spots are featured in this session! Some other favorites that aren’t in this session but are definitely in our top spots would be: Greyshot Arch, the Central Park Boulders, The Rocks, Belvedere Castle, and Southeast Reservoir Bridge.


        As for our favorite time of year to take photos … DEFINITELY SPRING! The entire month of April was incredible, as you can see in this session with Tessa and Ector. We definitely recommend Spring or Fall if you’re going for the leaves + blooms.

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