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        Our pricing is structured competitively for our market and so that we can continue to fuel our massive travel addiction. We're happy to travel with you internationally for your wedding too! Just ask :)

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        **NOW BOOKING FOR 2019 + 2020**

        No top secrets here, we know your time is precious. Between Instagram lurking, website creeping, Pinterest pinning, we know you don’t want to spend hours being led on by vendors just to try and get some pricing. For that reason, we’re totally transparent! REJOIIIIICE – you can click the links below and navigate to all of our video, photo, and combined photo + video packages.

        If you’re not seeing something in your budget, just reach out on our contact form and spill the deets. We’ve been known to bend some rules for a meaningful story or great venue – we take on a select number of destination and local weddings each year and value genuine connections more than our bottom line.



        **If you’re inquiring for a wedding photo/video package less than 6 hours, or intimate weddings/elopements use our contact form and we can get you a custom quote!

        Wedding Photography Packages

        Most of our clients invest in photography packages that have 2 photographers, an engagement session, and about 8 hours of coverage. We have plenty of other options too and no matter what you always receive printing rights, and a beautiful online gallery with edited images. Our usual timeframe for delivery is between 2 to 6 weeks.

        Wedding Videography Packages

        All of our video packages come with a 4-12 minute highlight video so you can relive all of the glorious moments throughout your wedding day! We deliver videos online and provide a link so you can download or watch it wherever you want. We include drone footage when permitted and always have multiple cameras to get the best angle.

        Wedding Photo + Video

        The best of both worlds – relive your wedding day through both photo and video! You’d receive on average between 600-1200 photos and a 4-12 minute highlight video along with your compiled footage of full length speeches, ceremony, dances, and notable moments throughout the day.

        PRICING FAQ.
        How are payments broken up?
        Do you have other pricing options?
        How can we pay?
        What are the steps for booking?
        Aaaaanyy way you want it that's the way you need it
        Okay that's stuck in your head now! Sorry. While most clients put down 50% and pay the remaining balance the month of the wedding, we do have options. Payment plans are available on monthly, bi-monthly, and multiple (1-16) equal payments. We're pretty damn flexible with this - we know your money is flying all over the place for weddings and we want it to be on your terms.