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        Orlando Bella Collina Wedding Video

        Filmed by Christian for Natura Collective // Orlando Wedding Videographer


        Where do we even start with this wedding… so many moments stand out from this Orlando Bella Collina Wedding Video. Marissa and David’s vows were without a doubt one of the most touching and memorable moments of the day. You’ll have to watch the video to understand what we mean.


        Definitely grab a box of kleenex if you’re emotional – we still get goosebumps when we listen to the vows.


        Marissa + David – Bella Collina Wedding Highlight Film from Natura Collective on Vimeo.


        Vendors involved with this absolutely perfect day:

        Venue // Bella Collina

        Hair // Amanda at The Bella Collina Spa

        Makeup // Leslie at The Bella Collina Spa

        Wedding Planner // Katie Jimenez – Big Day Celebrations

        Dress // Something Blue Bridal Boutique –  Stella York

        Harpist // Orlando Harpist – Christine MacPhail

        Florals // Lee James Floral

        Officiant // Jeff Thompson – Sensational Ceremonies

        DJ // Les with Soundwave Entertainment

        Catering + Food // Bella Collina

        Linens // Over the Top, Inc.

        Cake // Party Flavors Custom Cakes

        Chairs // A Chair Affair

        Menswear // Men’s Warehouse

        Shoes // Blue by Betsey Johnson and Christian Louboutin



        HIS VOWS

        So 959 days ago, our first kiss. 950 days ago, you’re running all over town with Michelle looking for some maroon Converse that I said I wanted. Fast forward to that evening, we go bowling. I say “Can I have a size ten?” And … a pair of maroon converses pop on the counter.

        And I turned around to everyone, 9 days after we started dating and I said “I love her, I’m going to marry her.”

        475 days ago. In Bonita Springs, I made the best decision of my life when I dropped down on one knee. The last thing I said as a single man was “please fit.”

        Because the ring didn’t look like it would fit on a pencil, but it fit! It fit! That brings us to today, zero days ago. Where in the next few minutes I will kiss you and we will start this wonderful journey as Mr. and Mrs. Shives.

        So here are my last words as an engaged man. [Phewwww – god.] I vow to love you, even through the toughest times. I vow to fight for you and with you. No matter how big the opponent. And I vow to spend the rest of my life with you no matter what may be thrown at us. I love you and I wasn’t lying when I said that all those days ago.

        You know what they say, when you know, you know… and honey – I knew.


        HER VOWS

        I have wanted to do a lot of things in my life, but marrying you has become the most important. I was certain of this at the very beginning of our relationship and I know that certainty will only grow over our years together.

        You are my best and truest friend. I never shy or hide any part of myself from you. Rather you make me shine in a way I never thought possible. You told me recently that I changed with you, that I have become a more cheerful and carefree person. And I agree wholeheartedly, but DJ, I changed because of you. Because of you I am the person who loves without hesitation and laughs even when I want to scream.

        I am confident and purposeful now. The amount of things I love about you are countless. But the one characteristic I cherish is your assurance. Your assurance is the driving force for me and for our relationship. You instill in me the confidence I need to accomplish anything even if they seem impossible, because you see everything through to the end.

        You compliment me in the best way possible. I am so grateful for your voice of reason and comforting smile when I need them both the most. You are patient and kind, funny and ambitious, intelligent and handsome. You are all things special and dear to me.

        I promise to love you every moment without hesitation and with my entire heart.I promise to respect you and listen to you and to always keep you as the most important aspect of my life, along with Raylan.

        You are my husband. Now, and forever.



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