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        KAYLA + LEO | Saturday July 31, 2021

        Potential Photo Spots

        The below images were taken a week or two ago in Brooklyn Heights on Willow St. and Clark St. and it’s one of the most gorgeous street corners!! This is the Brooklyn Heights/Promenade vibe if you choose to go this route instead of DUMBO. It’s a 9 minute walk from 1Hotel and even less from the first look spots. The ivy on the side of the house makes for gorgeous closeups ūüėČ Can you tell I’m obsessed!!!?




        Christian to arrive onsite for setup between 1:30-2pm

        2:30 Getting ready shots (2pm start time for Christian so we can get an earlier start!)

        Kayla in suite

        Leo in sweetgrass

        3:15 First look – Brooklyn bridge park Then over to dumbo street vs st Ann’s warehouse?

        5 Back for bridal party/ family shots

        Bridal party just girls 

        Kayla and MOH

        Groomspeople group 

        Then all together 



        All together (Jaeckels + Amorusos)

        Siblings jaeckel- Kayla Brian jeff

        Siblings amoruso РLeo and Anthony 

        Leo and parents

        Leo and mom

        Leo and dad

        Leo and Diane And charlie 

        Leo and grandma 

        Kayla and parents 

        Kayla and mom

        Kayla and dad

        Kayla and cousins

        Kayla Jenna and Carolina

        Jaeckel sibling couples with leo and Kayla 

        Anthony Kathleen Leo Kayla

        John Geeta pouya Leo 

        Kristen Anna Sharon Kayla

        Big family – after first course?

        Kaylas extended family Kayla+ Leo

        Kayla extended + Leo

        Then Leo family