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        Manhattan Engagement Session

        Photos by Christian for Natura Collective // New York City Wedding Photographer


        I had the best time walking through Manhattan with Julianne and Justin for their Manhattan Engagement Session. Don’t miss out on the fun, contact us now to book your session. If you are worried about being too awkward for photos, don’t be. Our promise: Christian will make a fool out of himself at every session, without fail.

        Here’s to being an awkward human noodle! Have a look at these two who rocked their session. 🙂

        We love cute little mini Manhattan Engagement Session’s like these! Julianne and Justin initially met us for coffee in Long Island City (Sweetleaf Coffee, one of our FAVS), notice the recurring coffee theme. We all had some coffee before starting the session near 34th and Broadway, right near where they met in the Macy’s building!


        We spent some time around 34th and Broadway then found our way heading West through Manhattan to get to Penn Station for some photos on the steps at the Post Office. The pigeons weren’t the most cooperative for these photos. They did allow us to shoot on their territory without bombarding us with birdsh*t. I count that as a win. Wrapping up the session near the High Line we walked South for a bit ogling the ridiculously expensive condos located at 520 West 28th Street by Zaha Hadid.


        Strolling through Manhattan was so fun with these two. We’re always happy to third (and fourth) wheel with our couples for a nice walk through the city. The opportunities for photos are limitless, as you can tell. We ended our session in front of a “No Parking” sign on a retractable garage which I’m pretty into tbh. Check out all of our other engagement sessions by clicking here!


        If a more urban or industrial vibe for your engagement session isn’t quite your scene, definitely check out Ector and Tessa’s Manhattan Engagement Session in Central Park! (Flower blooms galore)

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