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        Frequently Asked Questions


        Ok - we love you, but how much $$$$?

        We are super open and flexible with our pricing and payment plans. Most clients invest between $3,600 and $4,600 for photo or video packages (separate) and $6,400-8,000 for photo AND video. We have lower packages starting from $2,000 for associate photo packages and $1,600 for 2-4 hour elopements or intimate weddings!

        Payment plans are AMAZING and super easy. Most clients put down 50% and pay 50% within 2-3 weeks of the wedding date. In cases where that doesn’t work as well we are happy to create custom plans ranging from 3 to 12 even payments, or even monthly payments!

        If budget is a concern just reach out anyway. We are often more worried about making a genuine connection rather than the bottom line. Tell us your storyyyy!

        How many photos/videos will I receive?

        Photo: We include as many photos that deserve to be delivered as possible! We definitely don’t believe in limiting the number of photos delivered in a package of any kind. On average for a full day of coverage (8+ hours) our clients receive between 700 and 1,200 photos.

        Video: All of our video packages include a highlight video between 5 and 12 minutes long. Most packages include compiled clips of all the important events like speeches, dances, ceremony, etc. We do have an add-on where you can pay for the delivery of ALL RAW footage. You can count on us that we’ll make sure you get to see any of the important moments throughout the day.

        Where are you located? Do you travel for weddings?

        We have our passports ready to go. We are based out of Brooklyn, NY so we are in a perfect hub area to access the world! We’ve booked flights for international travel last minute, same week even. We are CRAZY about travel and have a long long bucket list. We are very experienced with shooting internationally and in domestic destinations too.

        Previous destinations: Israel, Ireland, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bahamas
        Domestic: CA, NY, Hawaii <3, FL, (basically anywhere in the US is fair game!)

        Inquire for pricing, we are super flexible with our travel packages as we like to make things affordable and incentivize our clients to help us take another work-cation.

        Who will be shooting our wedding?

        We are not a huge corporation here – we have 2 head honchos, Christian and Emilio! Emilio is lead photographer, Christian typically lead videographer and photographer when he’s not booked for video!

        You’ll always know who your team will be when you go through our easy booking process! We have additional associates who shoot with us regularly to allow for custom packages + extra coverage.

        What are the turnaround times?

        Right now our turnaround times for photo packages are between 1 to 4 weeks on average. Our video process is a lot more backend work so we take between 1 to 3 months on average for the full video package. Delivery of RAW or compiled backup footage of events is between 2-3 months (it’s A LOTTTTT of footage).

        What are the steps to booking?

        Super easy process here! Head over to the “Book Us” page and submit that form. It has all the info we need to get right back to you and get your quote perfected. Our online contract and quote includes your payment schedule. Once you approve the quote, contract, and payment schedule you’ll submit your initial payment (customized depending on selected payment schedule). Most clients put down 50% and pay the remaining balance by the wedding date. We always try to respond as quickly as possible to give you the attention you deserve 🙂

        How many weddings have you photographed?

        Not that it’s a competition or anything – but experience definitely helps 🙂 Christian has shot just over 200 weddings, and Emilio is not too far behind him in the triple digits.

        Do you have insurance?

        We’d be insane not to! We have business insurance covering us at all times 🙂 Our policies range from $2m+ and we are always able to provide your venue with the necessary documents. We believe as professionals it’s entirely irresponsible not to have insurance in this industry!

        Do you have backup gear?

        We have quite the collection of gear. We’ve rolled into larger projects and weddings with as many as 7 cameras before (Photo + Video) and are always investing to make sure we have the highest quality gear to serve our clients. We shoot photo predominantly on Canon and have Sony for some occasions when desired. We shoot our video predominantly on Sony and Canon.

        Our lenses are top of the line too!

        Do you have a backup process or precautions in place to keep files safe?

        We are SUPER psycho when it comes to this portion of the business. We always have at least 3 copies of the files at all times! We shoot your wedding on cameras that allow for dual memory cards and immediately back those images/videos up to multiple hard drives and the cloud. We’ve never lost a wedding or event and we don’t plan to. One of the copies (not kidding) gets put on a drive that lives in a fireproof safe… did I already say psycho?

        I have another question!

        No worries! We figured you might, reach out through our contact form to ask us whatever questions you have! If you aren’t reaching out about a wedding, feel free to contact us at hello@naturacollective.com 🙂