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        Sean + Zach

        Disney Wonder Bahamas Wedding

        Photographed by Emilio for Natura Collective // Brooklyn Destination Wedding Photographers

        Video by Christian for Natura Collective // Brooklyn Destination Wedding Videographers

        Okay, so you came here for the Disney Wonder Bahamas Wedding photos, I know, I know… BUT – take 2 minutes and check out their epic same day teaser video!! Sean and Zach’s day was a very special one, we finished up coverage and new we had to get to work! We headed back to our cozy cabins and spent 2 hours before dinner editing like crazy.  We were able to show not only their photos (below), but the same day video edit!

        Adding a same day edit on video packages is definitely worth it. Most couples end up crying a little bit, sorry not sorry. At the end of the night you’ll start your honeymoon with proof of just how epic your wedding was for everyone who asks. Oh and a pretty kickass instagram post if that matters. This was our second Bahamas Wedding and we hope to capture many more. Once you’re done here, head over to look at Gaby and Alex’s Bahamas Destination Wedding.

        Alright, on to the regularly scheduled Disney Wonder Bahamas Wedding photos which we still CANNOT get over. If you’re considering having a destination wedding definitely contact us on our “Book Us” page. We have extremely competitive destination wedding package pricing and are always awaiting our next adventure.

        We can’t thank Sean and Zach enough for trusting us to capture their Bahamas Destination Wedding. We are eternally thankful for amazing clients like them; destination weddings keep our job interesting. Plus it’s kind of nice to vacation while working.

        We have instagram to thank for this wedding! Sean and Zach found us while creeping through a bunch of LGBT and Destination Wedding hasthags. Everyone who plans a wedding has probably gone through that phase. Either way, we’ll keep on hashtagging so we can get more amazing couples <3  While you’re planning your wedding, go give us some instagram love and make sure to follow us too. @NaturaCollective