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        Brooklyn Gay Wedding Photographer

        Post by Christian for Natura Collective || NYC LGBT Wedding Photographer


        Not only do we specialize in LGBT weddings, we’re part of the fam 🙂

        If it isn’t obvious enough on our about page, we are super gay [and gay friendly]. You just found your Brooklyn gay wedding photographer, so start the party now. Head over to that page and read our cute lil’ story about how we met on Tinder! With every single wedding we capture, we are always fully invested in our clients and so eternally grateful to be trusted with these moments. When it comes to LGBT weddings we are impacted even more so by what the day means for everyone. The fact that some of our wedding couples fought for equality for so long and weren’t legally recognized for a majority of their relationship really gets the feels going on a wedding day.

        ***Sidenote, let’s take a moment to think about how marriage equality in the United States for most states was only FOUR years ago!? – for a detailed timeline on the fight for marriage equality check out this article!***

        Wedding planning can be a stressful time for a lot of couples, and worrying about having to come out through e-mails to your vendors over … and over… and over again is just not fun. Coming out once was plenty for us, not sure about you.

        Both Emilio and I, as Brooklyn Gay Wedding Photographers know that looking for a vendor who understands you is so incredibly important for the big day. That’s why we always recommend finding vendors who are either allies or who are part of the LGBTQ2IA+ family themselves! We’re also very familiar with the unique aspects that come with LGBT+ weddings. Sometimes the family dynamic is completely different, or the only family present is your chosen family – and we’re here to say … this is a safe place. We’re happy to embrace whatever style wedding you and your partner want.

        We won’t make you come out over e-mail or make wrongful assumptions about your gender, pronouns, relationship, or partner. That’s another nice part about hiring a gay wedding photographer 🙂 Will the shameless plugs ever stop? We don’t know! Take a look at some of our LGBT galleries below! We’re always adding content to our website; we are so happy that you found us too!


        Z + S

        Zach + Sean | Disney Bahamas Wedding

        A + T

        Amanda + Terri | Brooklyn Wedding


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