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        Album Ordering!

        Yessssss you decided to print your photos in an album – THANK YOU, and soon you’ll be thanking yourself. They look DAMN GOOD.

        We truly believe this is the BEST way to show off your wedding memories. Nothing looks quite as good in print as your beautiful wedding day. We can’t wait to walk you through this process until you have the gorgeous album in your hands or on that coffee table.


        This process might be a little overwhelming at first, so we're going to lay our ALL of your options nice and simple. If you have ANY questions just shoot us an e-mail! The album process from start to finish typically takes about 3-4 weeks!


        Large or small, your album reflects the wonderful memories on your big day. We have just the right size for you below. No album is too large or small for those moments! Album sizes are in inches.

        5×5 – $375

        6×9, 9×6 – $450

        8×8 – $450

        8×10, 10×8 – $525

        10×10 – $600

        8×12, 12×8 – $675

        12×12 – $750

        15×10 – $1,000

        Each album includes 10 spreads at the prices listed. Additional spreads are priced at $10 per spread. 


        A spread is two facing pages.


        This is by far one of the most important and one of the hardest decisions you will have to make regarding your album. Once the album is ordered you can’t change your mind, so take some time to go over the color options. They all look absolutely incredible in person and up close so there really is no “bad option” … we definitely have our favorites, and we’ll make note of some of those below!


















        Etching a pattern on your cover is an additional $50

        Etching is available with Suedes, Velvets, Standard, Distressed, Metallic and Pearlescent leathers. Choose your cover option and add an etched pattern over that cover for an extra touch! 

        Personally, we think etching looks best on our leather options and colors that are more earthy or dark!




        • THICK PAGES – $2.50 per spread
        • Debossing/Foil Stamping on cover – $30
        • Leather Etching – $50
        • Foil Stamp – for back cover – $25
        • Page Gilding (black or gold) – $60
        • Textured Spreads – pebble, finelinen, or linen $35
        • Additional Spreads – $10 per spread



        COMPANION ALBUMS (“Parent Albums”)

        Companion albums make great gifts and duplicates to keep for family or as backups. Companion albums of the exact same size can be added at a 50% discounted rate for the first duplicate, and 40% for each additional duplicate. If you would like a companion album at a smaller size we offer a 30% discount for those orders. 



        Most clients tend to order albums with between 20 and 30 spreads total. Our most popular size albums are the 12×12, 10×10, 8×8, and 12×8. 

        Pricing examples for our popular albums. A 12×12 album with 25 spreads and thick pages will run for $962.50 plus shipping costs. We estimate between $30 and $150 for shipping depending on the shipping speed selected. 

        Most clients spend about $650-1,000 on albums. Some outliers spend $400-500 on smaller albums, and some people go crazy and spend $1200-1500 on our largest album. 


        ORDER FORM

        If you’d like you can also open up a separate window for the order form by clicking here.


        You can flip between tabs/windows and go through the options OR just complete the form on this page.

        Shipping costs are not included in album pricing, if you do not select an option below - we will ship it using a "saver" method which is the cheapest and slowest option typically. This could take 1 - 2 weeks. Cost for this option is $40