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        MOLLY + BEN

        501 Union Wedding Video

        Video by Christian for Natura Collective // Brooklyn Wedding Videographer

        501 Union Wedding Video – Brooklyn | Molly + Ben from Natura Collective on Vimeo.


        Venue // 501 Union

        Video // Natura Collective

        Planning // Ashley Chamblin

        Photography // Ryon Lockhart Photography


        His vows:

        Molly, can’t believe we are finally here and how far we have come. I had a feeling when we met that fateful night in Long Beach many years ago. Even if it was only for a few minutes, even before we went on our first date, I thought you may be the person I was supposed to be with. And then after that date I was sure, but I was just too nervous to make it official. I thought you might things were moving a little too fast, so I waited what seemed like an eternity to ask you to be my girlfriend… one week. Ever since then nothing has made me happier than spending time with you and watching our relationship grow. Ever since then I’ve woken up each day feeling like the luckiest man in the world and now I get to spend the rest of my life with you.

        I promise that I will always listen closely when you tell me about your day. I promise to stay true to you in every sense of the word. I promise to hold you close at night. I promise to never attempt to steal another bag of cracker jacks from Yankee stadium. I promise to always put you and our family first. I promise to never stop being myself around you. And I promise to love you every day for the rest of my life. I love you, I adore you, you are my person.


        Her vows:

        Ben, standing here with you today brings me right back to our first date. Waiting in the lobby for you to arrive. Probably the only time I was ever ready before you were, I was nervous. But as soon as you got there and hugged me hello, all of the nerves fell away. I was left feeling calm, but also excited. It wasn’t long into our evening that I knew I had found my person. The one to make me laugh exactly when I needed it. The one that I was safe to be my truest self with. And that feeling has only grown over the years. My dear, we have certainly had a relationship filled with highs and lows. We’ve traveled the world, we’ve witnessed love and we’ve felt loss. But the thing is, the lows that we’ve had have never been about us…*pause – You were supposed to cry.*

        Doubt has never crossed my mind and you make it easy to believe that everything was meant to be. The lows as hard as they may have been are where I see our relationship at its strongest. You’ve supported me in ways that I didn’t even think I needed, and for that I love you. I cannot promise that every day will be perfect, but I can certainly promise that I will never stop trying to make you happy. I promise to slow dance with you at least once a week in a location of your choosing. I promise to always support your dreams. I promise to try and enjoy your type of music [Ben: Hey, you promise, you’re promising] Try, try being the operative word. I promise to follow you on every new adventure, likely shutting the cabinets behind you wherever we go. I promise to be your biggest fan, your loudest cheering section; but the easiest promise to make today is to promise that I will love you every single day of my life.



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